Company History

Company History

125th Anniversary

Looking back over the past 125 years, it is amazing to see how the world has changed. And at the heart of that change are the people of Avista. Dedicated innovators, tireless workers and savvy business leaders who help shape the region and the energy industry.

Avista is proud to have served the residents, businesses and communities of eastern Washington, northern Idaho and parts of southern and eastern Oregon over the past 125 years. From the first hydroelectric generators on the Spokane River to state-of-the-art wind turbines gracing the Palouse hills, Avista has always been an energy leader.

This page includes links to resources that showcase historical milestones in the 125-year history of the company and the regions and communities we serve. Learn more through a history video, tabloid and our 125th Anniversary Book titled “25 Years and Counting: A 25-Year Commemorative Look Back at 1989-2014."

Washington State Senate Adopts Senate Resolution 8704, honoring Avista Corp.